Woodlane Forest Frequently Asked Questions 



How can I get a neighborhood directory? 


A new directory is available from any current board member. In an attempt to keep the Woodlane Forest Directory current we will publish corrections and/or additions in the Quarterly Newsletters.  You can then update your personal directory until a new publication can be printed.  All you have to do is email any correction or addition, such as your name, address, phone numbers or email addresses, to 

Patsy Organ -- rorgan@aol.com 


How do I contact/volunteer for WF Neighborhood Watch? 


Anyone interested in participating in the Neighborhood Watch should contact Scot Ramsey by sending him an email:  hootramsey@yahoo.com, or by calling 713-202-4743. Neighbors are urged to call 911 for any emergency.  Non-emergencies call the Sheriff’s Dept. at 936-7605800.  Push 3 to bypass the robot and go directly to a dispatcher. 


How do I know the location and date of WFCA General and Board meetings? 


Dates, times and locations will be posted on the web site. Also, look for a quarterly newsletter that will announce the next General meeting and also provide current information about our neighborhood. In addition, the dates, location, and times of all meeting will be posted at the entrance.


I just moved to Woodlane Forest, who can we contact regarding various services? 


- Electricity -- Centerpoint for electric power outages – 800-332-7143 Contact Texas ‘Power to Choose’ to select your own service provider. 

- Propane – Septic – Well. These are individual preferences but the Nextdoor Social Network is a convenient online resource for various service recommendations. 

- Waste Collection -- Waste Management 800-772-8653 or other independent contractor  

- Television/Internet/Landline – Currently, AT&T is the predominant provider of these services in our area. They recently added their newest fiber connection technology to our neighborhood. Contact AT&T for more information. There are other options, like satellite, that can be researched. 


Do I need approval before making improvements to my property? 


ACC approval is needed before you build or make any exterior changes to your home. ACC approval is generally done very quickly and may serve to save you money. If someone did build without ACC approval and the improvement was found in violation of our deed restrictions, it could be very costly to remove a structure or relocate a driveway. 

How can we get a stop light installed at the intersection of FM 2978 and Woodlane Blvd? 


Several times members of our WFCA board and WF residents have contacted our county commissioner and TXDOT about the difficulty encountered when exiting and entering Woodlane Forest. They have agreed to set up ATR’s (automatic traffic recorders) several times but each time they conclude that the amount of traffic does not warrant the high cost of installing a traffic control signal. 

Can we gate our community? 

Currently the County is responsible for maintaining our streets and culverts.  If we were to gate Woodlane Forest the property owners would become responsible for this maintenance and expense.


Can we install “speed bumps” on our streets? 


Again, our streets are maintained and under the jurisdiction of Montgomery County. They have been contacted about “speed bumps” in the past and informed us that this cannot be done because “speed bumps” would impede emergency vehicles from responding to fires, medical emergencies, etc.   


Is it legal to discharge any firearms in Woodlane Forest Subdivision? 


An ordinance does exist that limits the discharge of firearms in Montgomery County in platted 

sub-divisions (Woodlane Forest is a platted sub-division). In summary, it is a Class C 

misdemeanor for anyone to discharge a firearm on a lot of 10 acres or less which carries a “lot description”. 


What are the landowner's rights regarding pipelines and their right-of-way? 


As of June 2017, the pipelines running through Woodlane Forest were owned and managed by 

Kinder Morgan (855-737-9555). Kinder Morgan representatives have stated that the company is 

interested in having good community relations. They try to provide notice (24 hours or greater) 

prior to coming onto your land for inspections and similar pipeline related work. While 

pipelines in our subdivision are managed by the Texas Railroad Commission (who are the 

government entity with oversight of pipelines in Texas) they do not actually get involved with 

any issues related to the “right of way contract” of the pipeline that crosses your property.  You 

can get a copy of your “right of way contract” from the pipeline management company.  If you 

have issues related to a pipeline running through your property and how it is managed, you can 

either contact Kinder Morgan (or whichever pipeline management company) or seek legal